Technology is Important to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Luhut (Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs) Maritime Coordinating Minister, Binsar Panjaitan said technology is the future. The role of technology in life is increasingly important, especially ahead of the 4.0 industrial revolution”

Industry 4.0 in the year 2024-2025, how it will affect if we are not ready. We need to look closely. The role of technology is very important,” said Luhut at the closing of the 2018 National Technology Congress at the Auditorium of the Technology Assessment and Application Agency (BPPT) on Thursday ( 7/7).

Luhut explained, in a victim search operation (SAR) the sinking of KM Sinar Bangun in Lake Toba some time ago, also involved BPPT technology. Similarly, the rescue of soccer players caught in Gua Than Luang Thailand involves technology.

“With regard to resources, Indonesia is rich in natural resources. With technology, how raw materials are given added value, so they do not continue to rely on imports,” he added.

Luhut also challenges BPPT to be able to show off the results of research and innovation that can provide added value.

“BPPT must play a role in welcoming the 4.0 industrial revolution. BPPT must be a pillar of technological progress. BPPT must also focus on not all working, nothing will be done,” he said.

According to Luhut, strengthening science and technology must be improved. Research funds currently reaching Rp. 27.5 trillion in all ministries and institutions are proposed to be coordinated to be more focused. “Do not all be investigated. Nothing will be done later,” he said.

KTN 2018 which was held by BPPT was themed the Strategy of Implementing National Policies to Support Technology Independence. Three topics of discussion at the congress included disaster technology, material and defense security (defense). In the closing of the KTN, a number of technology recommendations in three fields were also submitted by BPPT.

The head of BPPT, Unggul Priyanto revealed, recommendations in the field of defense and security highlighted the need for coordination with the users of the technology, anticipating increased crime, modernizing the main weapons systems, cyber security ahead of the presidential election and anticipating drug crimes and corruption. “Mastery of technology is key in the field of defense,” said Superior.

Meanwhile, in the field of disaster technology, it was highlighted about improving early warning technology and disaster mitigation. According to him, Indonesia, which is a disaster-prone country, must actually make it a disaster laboratory, so that it can develop tools or technology to minimize the impact.

While recommendations in the material field also encourage how Indonesian material can be added value with a touch of technology, such as natural rubber and rattan.


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