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Technology is Important to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Luhut (Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs) Maritime Coordinating Minister, Binsar Panjaitan said technology is the future. The role of technology in life is increasingly important, especially ahead of the 4.0 industrial revolution” Industry 4.0 in the year 2024-2025, how it will affect if we are not ready. We need to look closely. The role of…

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Indonesia launched ” Making Indonesia 4.0 ” roadmap to improve industrial competitiveness

The target of the 5 percent global share is ambitious in the current situation but not impossible. There are lots of challenges, but the government of the country has already taken lots of positive and potential initiatives to achieve the goal. The policymaker thinks the high-tech revolution to improve Indonesia’s RMG sector and increase competitiveness…

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Industry 4.0 in Indonesia – Market Opportunities, Future Trends and Challenges

Accounting for 20% of Indonesia’s GDP in 2017, the manufacturing sector is the backbone of the Indonesian economy. Manufacturing also contributes significantly to employment in Indonesia with close to one in five of the working population being employed by the sector. The heydays of Indonesian manufacturing however have long since passed and Indonesia today faces…

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Widodo Launches Roadmap for Industry 4.0: “Making Indonesia 4.0”

The Indonesian government officially launched the roadmap called “Making Indonesia 4.0” earlier this week. Industry 4.0 is a term that refers to the fourth industrial revolution in manufacturing and industry. It includes major innovations in the digital technology, biology and hardware automations, and also implies that cyber-physical systems can make their own basic decisions, hence…

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